happy birthday to me.

90e47da2defcb89ad68db44ebcb20522It's my birthday today! I've already had an amazing weekend; I got pampered and spoiled and had an especially yummy dinner at  Salt on Saturday, and tonight I'm having some bests come over for some home-cooked dinner and a few bottles of wine. It's been an incredibly formative year for me; I feel like I've come into my own more than any other year, I have executed on a lot of goals and aspirations, I have gained confidence in my voice as an artist, I have developed in my artistic endeavours... This next year promises a lot of changes with the new adventure of school, but first a giant walk-about Spain, some tricky music projects up my sleeve, and of course taking it upon myself to finally learn to cook (doubtful that I'll get around to that).

Thanks to all who have encouraged me constantly and cheered me on, I am a lucky girl and truly thankful for the city of people who take care of me.



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