scale (n).

88ee779049778cd6c76bd3bcf37ab94cWait for me while I waver, do not be turned away from the quiver of my lips. Wait through the long pauses in conversation, the staring out into the distance, the wrinkles around my eyes and the creasing of my forehead. I promise I don't take your patience for granted. I promise that my mind and my heart are not idle. It is just that it feels, sometimes, like the whole world presses all of its questions and impossibilities with its thumb into my mind, it feels like everything arrives at once for me, not in waves. There is so much to think on and decide, there is so much to weigh and sift, my love, so much flashing in front of my eyes, that is what is distracting me: everything and all of it weighs heavy, and that is why for me it all takes time.