great-grandpa edwin.

25706_393190571691_3953475_n 13072_10151308021817546_1163140262_nMy sweet, sweet great-grandpa Edwin passed away yesterday. Till his last day he was sharp as a tack, a vault of history and philosophy and reflection. He could tell you every date of every obscure family milestone, names of people who married into the family, and was quick to share a story from when his kids (MY grandpa!) were young babes. He was a man of faith, peace, and trust, and he will be missed greatly.

These are the times that being across the country are tough; I would love to be surrounded by the Janz's/ Krigers/ Stuarts/ Buhlers/ Durances/ Duecks, sharing stories and remembering Edwin. Love you all.

[Picture from Becca's wedding by Jamie Delaine. Isn't he just the sweetest?]


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