photo-8Toronto has frozen and melted more times than I have washed my hair this month, I bet. Now that we have ample experience with all types of snow, let me give you a little equation here: freezy, super cold, dry snow > slushy, wet, half rain, goopy snow. Hands down. Everything is wet and soaking right now, but I hope that means that spring is coming soon! Here are some fun things that happened in February: photo-3photo-6I went to Ingersoll and beyond with my dear friend Karla, who was visiting/ on a major tour across southern Ontario at the beginning of the month. Karla recently put out an album called Honeycomb Tombs, which was written dedicated to the process of grief. It's no downer though; it feels like a great big hug and a cup of tea and a doze on the couch while someone plays with your hair all at once. (shameless plug). You can get it on iTunes to support the project or here for free. photo-5We had the worst snowstorm in five years. And I had breakfast with Heather. Two words: breakfast. tacos. Best ever from Aunties and Uncles. Heather and I met over three years ago working at a restaurant and I forced her to follow me to the Keg. She lets me sleep on her couch and feeds me yummy vegetarian food and lets me hang out with her cats. photo-14photo-2It was Valentine's Day. So before I had to work, I had breakfast with Lauren,  and we went for mani/pedi's. And called her boyfriend Josh. Four times. It was time well spent, let me tell you. photo-9photo-10photo-11photoMy mom came to visit. Since I'm moderately homeless right now, we snagged a super deal at the Fairmont downtown, slept in, ate lots of food, bought my hiking boots for Spain, went for brunch with Katie, drove to Hamilton for Old English's album release, went to Lauren's house in Brantford, stayed up chatting until 3am, and got up and drove to the airport at 4:30am. It was much needed mamma/jess time and I loved that we got to spend time together! BEEad6nCIAATF-a.jpg-largeI attended my first CRAVE chat. This networking forum was about how your blog can grow your business. Shown is my dear friend Trisha Donkers, Marina from Nour-ish, and Nicole Wilson from Dainty Girl. It was a blast, and really inspiring. I wanted to come home and write eight thousand things. Instead I ate leftovers and went to bed. But this week has been full of writing and amping up my blog and networking tools, for example I bought the domain name here so you are now visiting visitjessjanz.com. Exxciting! photo-13I started an internship. Trisha is kind enough to let me tag along and study her creative and professional genius of being a freelance writer. This is me looking at emails and already procrastinating on Twitter. Note my second cup of coffee, gone.

Welcome, March! This upcoming month promises exciting times celebrating my birthday (!), crunch time saving for my trip to Spain (aka NO EATING OUT OR SHOPPING, JESS JANZ), lots of walks to break in my shoes, booking a flight, maybe some musical endeavours, and of course, lots of writing.



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