happy valentine's day.

f95c390ea26b700dffe4c438b9dc4413Happy Valentine's day! My favourite memories of Valentine's Day was when I was young and my mom would buy those chalky hearts and sprinkle confetti on the kitchen table and put down a lace tablecloth. She'd make an extra special dinner with something heart shaped and cupcakes and dad would buy us flowers. I always felt special and loved! I love walking around today and seeing men walking home with big, fat, giant bouquets of flowers. Something about it just makes me feel warm and fuzzy! Even if there are a lot of aspects of this holiday that are a cash grab or can make single folk feel a little blue, I encourage you to take it in stride, call your mom, and say something extra nice to people at work.

I'm running off to have mani/pedi's and pancakes with my dear friend Lauren and then I have to work this afternoon. I'll be bringing in candies to sweeten the experience for sure!

Happy day to all of you who come and visit and I hope you have an incredibly sweet day.


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