feel (v).

63248623d288d84cf3b078520282a49eIn any given day, I feel many things; groggy, to start. Achy, and the pull and cracking of my back and shoulders as I stretch tall and bend. I may feel anxious or worried, or I may feel charged and optimistic. I could feel motivated or discouraged, I could feel heavy or light. Some days I feel bright and conquering. There is the giddiness from conversations over lunch with a good girlfriend. There is yearning when thinking of someone far away. There is the feeling of heaviness when there are things left unsaid. My favorite feeling is you, when you're sitting beside me on a park bench in June, telling me about what it would be like to be a sailor, or at night, the feeling of your hot skin, the feeling of your slow breathing on my neck; the feeling of your proximity, that's what I like best.

Posted on February 14, 2013 and filed under the word project-.