articulate (v).

27e6d9b089da7a793c9d9966e9b4ae50May I suggest you get into the habit of taking every opportunity handed to you to say something of kindness. If you feel appreciation for another while going about your day, call them. If, while having coffee with an old friend, recall a kind deed they've done for you, make no hesitation to recount their lovely actions. When you are washing dishes with your love and you are reflecting on the day you met, starry eyed and nervous, let them share in the nostalgia of first conversations, first dates, first daring kisses goodnight. May I suggest that we take every opportunity to tell others what we notice in them, what we appreciate about them, what they are doing well. I suggest we reassure another that we are so, so glad to be here with them, just to cover all bases and remove all doubt.

Posted on February 13, 2013 and filed under the word project-.