how do you set goals?

c7c09ef1dfaf2e6cb8970b6aa1d685c8Last week I finally got around to writing down.... what do you call them so they don't sound scary or, even worse, doomed to failure? Resolutions. A To Do List. Amazing Things That I Will Do Or At Least Start In 2013. (I know, three weeks late. Working on my punctuality is not one of them). I think goal setting is a tricky dance; it's really important to reflect on what we'd like to improve on, what tasks we'd like to tackle, and what adventures we have to look forward to. Sometimes in the past I have become consumed with the checking off of the boxes instead of  the joy and discovery that comes with an adventure, or I beat myself up when I make a goal that wasn't really true to self in the first place. This year I took the numbers out of it; instead of "lose x amount of weight" I am focusing on the fact that taking care of my body is important and I am following a health regimen to honour that. Instead of "write x amount of songs" I am focusing on making space to write music and doing all the things that create a safe environment to open up and play my heat out. Instead of looking through the lens of "This Is What I Will Complete" I am looking through the lens of "This Is What I Am Looking Forward to Experiencing". And in taking out the expectation on myself to complete a certain task, I am putting in expectancy that this year is going to be full of great accomplishments and great, great gifts.

Maybe this is all word play, but I have really focused on being kind to myself and setting myself up for success, and it feels good. What do you think? Is this totally airy-fairy?

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