happy birthday, mom.

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559758_10152291160105408_1238412825_nIt's my mom's birthday today! She is gracious and caring and the best listener ever; she always has the right thing to say, and if there is no right thing to say, there is always a hot cup of coffee or the perfect bubble bath or, if all else fails, the warmest hug in the world. She is incredibly patient and understanding when she gets those freak out calls from me where she answers the phone and I just burst into tears (I always manage to reassure before I start crying that no one died and no one is pregnant); she doesn't let me forget the kind of woman she has raised me to be; she always challenges me to be true and brave.

The greatest testament to my mother's strength is the fact that she dealt with me day in and out when I was a toddler; I was [am], defiant and opinionated and challenged anything she ever said and I was [am] really an emotional basket case. She somehow found it within herself to get down on my level and always talk it out, always reason with me (somewhat) like an adult even though I was three and take the time to explain when I was confused and sympathize when I was sad [more-so irate that I couldn't go swimming in February, or mystified by the sadness of what was for dinner, etc]. She didn't stifle me or write me off, she had unending patience and grace for me and I think that was really formative to help me learn how to express myself and channel my feelings into lots of different things like art and music.

I hope I can be the kind of woman my mom is, I have learned grace and compassion and courage from her, I aim to be forgiving and loving and welcoming like she is. She considers others before herself, she is humble about her wisdom.

Love you mamma, wish I was there to celebrate you today. xo

[Becca's wedding photos are by Jamie Delaine].


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