swell (v).

162200024049562329_NDgqCgI5_cEven with this credit card bill looming and work dragging and home cracking, even with angst looming and love far away and vision unclear, even with the errands and duties that must be done, even with the letters that must be sent and the chores that must be completed, even with the phone calls needed to be made and the papers needed to be signed, I can say with full confidence: this is a swelling heart, I am swelling, I am full, I am overflowing, I am hopeful, I am so, so full of hope. We are all going to make it, and if it takes me singing this over and over until it pours over you, dripping: we are swelling, we are moving onward, we are so rich to have each other and to be going through it all together.

Posted on January 16, 2013 and filed under the word project-.