ally (n).

  276267758361122256_nVAMHBf3_cYou are my dearest friend. You have seen all of the stages of my world, you have been in the same trouble as my trouble, you have been in the victory of my victories, you have sat with me in the heartache and disappointment and also in the giddiness of new love. You know [almost] all the names of the boys I've kissed. You know every career I've claimed to be undyingly passionate about. You hold my deepest secrets and greatest joys and furthest sorrows. And we will continue on, through true love and great loss and the most hilarious misadventures. It will be all of the details of their mother that I will see in your children, the spunk and spirit and fire and determination in them will be from your DNA, and I will know, because I could recognize you anywhere. And one day we will be old and one of us is bound not to walk someday so one will push the other, and I will put your hair in those nasty plastic curlers for you if your hands don't work anymore, and make sure your underwear doesn't show or that your eyebrow pencil isn't too dark. I will not have you looking like a fool. I hope you know the incredible light you hold and how it has been what has ignited me and inspired me when I held heavy doubt in myself. I hope you know that I will go to bat, chase down those who have wronged you, go Carrie Underwood on someone's nice car for you, drive you like a madwoman to profess love in far off cities or on airport tarmacs, I will hold your babies when you need to nap, I will hold your hand when there is nothing that can be said. You are my dearest friend and that to me is just the greatest thing.

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