equipping (v).


Toronto has frozen over and all that is left is the coffee shops and dim lit bars, caffeine and whiskey the only sustenance to try and warm us up in our rattling bones. Toronto has frozen over, you can feel the ice through the soles of your boots, your shoulders hunch, your hands go to the deepest corners of your coat pockets, hats and hoods pulled tight over your ears. Everyone roaming the streets looks like a twelve year old on their way home from a snow fight in their school field, cold and sleepy and shuffling through the slush to get home. Toronto has frozen over, even the sun looking like a snowball, icy and white and its only help is to make the snow and icicles twinkle in its rays. Toronto has frozen over, and you start to ask why you live here, why you do this every year, but this time is necessary, because it is in the winter that trees and plants do most of their growing, their roots digging deeper and further into the ground to have a firmer hold.

[Photograph by Alfred Stieglitz].

Posted on January 3, 2013 and filed under the word project-.