photo-3 photo-4November felt like the month that the weather changed, got stormy, and brought winter. When looking through my phone for pictures from the month, I learned that there aren't many to share- not that a lot didn't happen, quite the opposite. I felt really busy with over half a dozen shows, both solo and with Fitness Club Fiasco, that had me zipping all over Ontario all month, and when I wasn't in practice or performing I was working away and finally able to start a savings jar this month for a trip I'm hoping to take sooner rather than later, and forgetting to really take many pictures. Here's what I have to share:

photo-1Matt Henderson (my guitarist for solo shows)'s band, Old English, got a brass section. That pesky Hendo was at it again, adding as many performers as he pleased, with no signs of stopping. Listen to his music despite my distain for him personally and tell your friends about it, but only if you really have to.

photoWe played a show in a church last week and found this particularly hilarious tub of back up clothes in case someone wants to get baptized on the spot (very smart of them to have really).

photo-2This is some haunting street art at Queen and Ossington in Toronto. I see it every day on my way home, but only recently took a picture of it. Doesn't it look cool?

December is already slipping through our fingers so quickly with two more shows and countless holiday dinners with friends before I run away to BC for nine glorious days with the family. With the cold weather it makes me want to huddle inside as soon as the day allows with some good books and tea (and popcorn and ice cream and a few bottles of wine if we're making a wish list of things to be house-bound with). Stay cozy and merry! xo


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