holiday gift ideas day two: the perfect throw blanket.

Blankets are a great gift for a broad range of recipients: your parents for when they have extra house guests (read: you reap the benefits when you crash there on holidays!), your newly married friends whose wedding you attended this summer that you drew for secret santa and they now have more place settings and baking gear than they know what to deal with, your brother who's now living in the city... Here are a few cozy blankets to give you a starting point:

Pendleton blankets are gorgeous, heavy blankets that last forever and are perfect for extra cold nights and to bring along for sprawling summer picnics. I am especially a sucker for their leather blanket carrier. If that doesn't make you the coolest kid in the park, I don't know what will.

Adler & Co is a Portland-based shop that has amazing trinkets and home decor in general, and this revival stripe throw looks comfy as can be. Also, these bath blankets look like you could curl up in them forever.

I love the dewy, dreamy look of this Blue Heather blanket from Macausland's Woolen Mill, which is made in Atlantic Canada and the only Canadian mill to still use 100% virgin wool yarn.

While these are splurgy names, I would honestly go scour the shelves of Winners, Home Sense and Home Outfitters for the best price. Warm and affordable!