ardent (adj).

I don't think I was a rebel child, though I was definitely a willful child. I was full of ambition and emotion; I had an opinion and feeling about everything. There were many tears shed over the smallest decisions- namely clothes and what to wear for a given day, like a Tuesday in February and feeling particularly convicted to wear bright flower printed bike shorts over my bathing suit without a parka (that would clash with the colours). Also there were tears shed over mealtimes and which particular foods I wanted to eat, which in retrospect probably had more to do with low blood sugar levels and less to do with being strong willed. No matter the subject I felt a deep desire to be ablaze with passion of my opinion and preference; which seat was the best in the car, who I sat next to at family dinner or to the movies, which barbie to accompany me to a weekend trip to Bellevue, which scrunchy was the pick of the week... In all of the blushing that comes with reflecting on my earlier convictions, it brings solace to remind myself that I have at a time been bold and adamant, that I have at a time been determined and firm.

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