how do you pass the time on transit?

For my commute to work 7 months of the year, I take my bicycle, which really is the way to get around Toronto; no cramped street cars or waiting for the bus, or chasing after public transit when you left your house 45 seconds too late. During these cold winter months though, I become a wuss and I take the warm option (or cab home when I'm finished work at 2:30am). Every once in a while, I have this really weird complex that comes over me on the street car: if I forget to bring a novel along with me, I always feel pretty lame when I whip my phone out and start to play my game of choice: Tetris. Guilty pleasure. I always feel like I must look like the least intelligent person alive, other than someone browsing a celebrity gossip app or something. I know this is a really, really dumb reason to be embarrassed: just own what you like, right? This must be why Harlequin novels' sales skyrocketed with the invention of the Kindle -  people could read their trashy novels without other people seeing the cover.

Am I the only one who feels lame about their commute ritual?

Posted on November 19, 2012 and filed under from jess-.