bold (adj).

I find it terrifying to be reckless and brave. My palms sweat and I get very quiet. I lose sleep, I commonly opt out. Why do we do it - leap off buildings, jump off bridges, buy one way tickets, commit, break up, move across countries, tell them we love them, say no anyways, say yes ?

Perhaps it is simply to feel the blood in our veins and the air in our chests; to feel the elation and agony rush through our bodies; to catch our breath and lose it for seconds; is it not better to cause our cheeks to flush and our hearts to pound like thunder and spend our days riveted and in awe? To remind our bodies you are still doing it, you are still awake and able, you are still not finished going deeper into the night.

Posted on November 7, 2012 and filed under the word project-.