the riches of october.

Tally ho! What a crazy few weeks it's been. So sorry to those chomping at the bit for a Daily Word (I'm sure that was the case); my tiny shoe box apartment hasn't had internet and I've been a little busy this past week!

I took this on a soggy walk home from work at 2:30 am. It feels like it's been raining for weeks. Probably because it has been raining for weeks. It's been grey and the sky is heavy and the leaves are creating a mush that borders the leaky streets. It makes me want to sleep in and read novels (which I have) and drink tea (which I have) and plan a permanent move to California (which I most likely will get around to in a year or so). I think I'm better suited for the sun.

And now, a round up of some happy things that happened in October:

My grandparents were in town again to accept their "Mark Of Distinction" award from the Direct Sellers Association. It is quite a prestigious award, being recognized throughout the industry for their 50 years of great work with Amway. It was a blast to get all dressed up and be there to celebrate with them, especially because I don't get to see them nearly enough during the year. We also spent a good amount of time in their hotel room getting a pep talk from Papa, which he excels at. It's great to have grandparents that are so involved in my life and are so encouraging!

There have been a lot of band practices in October for the shows that are happening in November. Did you know that from Queen and Sorauren in downtown Toronto to the suburbs of Guelph by transit takes 2.75 hours? Neither did I. But now I do. Also, flannel shirts mute snare drums quite effectively when you practice in 100 year old bachelor apartments (see Danny crammed between my couch and closet in the above photo? What a trooper).

I don't particularly like Halloween. Mostly because I get a lot of social anxiety in choosing a costume; I don't want to be slutty and I don't want to be lame, and I'm not very good at thinking of funny or ironic costumes (like how Marc's friend was dressed up as "Binders Full of Women" or "When Life Hands You Lemons", my favorites from the night). I even boycotted Halloween when I was in grade 5 because I found out that all the traditions stemmed from evil, scary spirit-summoning origins. This year I decided to step out on what was a ledge for me, get some inspiration from a great book, knot my hair up and make my face look filthy and wear a bag. In the above picture it was near the end of the night and my bag was in pretty rough shape; apologies. Above are also samples from the night: Andy and Hart as "Green Energy" (he sells solar panels so it was extra fitting) and Andy Warhol; JR and Amanda as Ned and Dead Maude Flanders; and Marc as Doping Lance Armstrong (syringes and urine sample included).

We, Fitness Club Fiasco, played at the Smiling Buddha last night. The sound wasn't great but it was a fun show nonetheless. A FCF dear friend Liam Sanagan was the headliner with his band LUM and they killed it. Find their music, pay for it, tell your friends. End of story.

While I'm on the promotional trail, I attended a documentary last week called Hellbound? by Kevin Miller. It was incredibly well made and thought provoking and everyone should go see it too.

November has four concerts and many plans of cozy writing around here. Thanks for following along and visiting!

And, a little message from the universe that stuck out to me, and might catch something in you too:

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