to my dad.


Today is my dad's birthday! In a house full of women, he has been the designated bug killer, poop cleaner-upper, monster chaser, grass cutter, garbage taker-outter, chauffeur, driving instructor, biking-without-training-wheels trainer, and gives any guy a run for their money on kindness, sensitivity, and time praying for their family. He has shown incredible patience to our extra time getting ready to leave the house, our rants about clothes and boys,  all the times I'd steal his thick, comfy socks, and has never grumbled about doing the dirty work (maybe it makes him feel extra manly).

My senior year of high school, dad would drive the car and push the clutch and I would move the stick shift so we could both hold our coffee mugs without having to put them down (we were a good team).

My dad came to pretty much every basketball and volleyball game I had and at least drove me to 95% of them, and we had some of the most formative conversations in the car rides to and from tournaments. He helped me with my foul shot and rebounds and he helped me find peace for the angst I felt about being stuck in high school.

Making my dad belly ache laugh is always my greatest accomplishment of a trip home. He is the calmest person I know, so if you can crack him and get him going, it feels like the greatest reward. The easiest way to make this happen is to quote Dumb and Dumber or dance like the biggest fool you can.

My dad has shown me what it means to be committed. He spends at least an hour every single day praying. He has committed his time and body to cycling for hours on end, even completing a 170 kilometre bike ride for MS for the last four years. He is committed to our family and my mom with dedication and incredible care.

For all that you have done and all that you do, thank you. You are a good man and I am consistently blessed by your care and guidance and all your bad, bad dancing. Happy birthday!




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