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I am so excited to announce this concert to you! After a crazy summer of weddings and getting my brain and productivity fried by fifty degree weather, I am getting back on the horse and setting up some concerts for the winter.





I met Jordan Klassen at my best friend's wedding reception. His band played the background music and we were all in a woozy daze of awe and admiration for their enchanted music and Jordan's angsty voice. The Janz family for sure had his demo on repeat the entire drive back to the mainland. He and Mike Edel are touring the country and gracing us with their presence in Toronto November 7th and we're playing at my favourite venue, the Cameron House. The very talented Matt Henderson and so-lovely-you-could-eat-him Daniel Halyburton are backing me up with drums and guitars and harpsichords and harmonicas and bells and whistles, making for a magical evening.

RSVP here and tell all your friends how excited you are.



PS check out Mike's awesome new single, "The Country Where I Came From."  This has been my new theme song since it came out. His music is earthy and full and of the purist sound.








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