October first! I'm really struggling to write my rent cheque today (maybe because it wasn't a lucrative month and I want to be in denial for another hour or two, so what?). Here, via instagram, is what happened in September:

Lindsay and Roland got married! I was telling them that now I have to wait about ten years to get married so enough time goes by that I can steal every detail from their wedding and not have anyone remember.

It was Rosh Hashana! We ate a LOT of really yummy food and went on a big walk (and stopped to take this picture).

My grandparents visited Toronto! Their itinerary was very busy but they squeezed us in for a few hours. It was a beautiful day so we gave them a walking tour of the downtown core (what do you show people in Toronto when you only have an hour??) and had a drink in the Renaissance Hotel that looks into the SkyDome.

Amanda came to visit! She used to live in Toronto and moved back to the west coast about two years ago. She was here killing it on a business deal and stayed for a sleep over.

And of course there was a lot of breakfast. I also had my one pumpkin spice latte of the year about a week ago (YUM), a baby shower, one stuffed nose, discovered dry shampoo, bought a new fall jacket, and, most importantly, started the word project.

October is time for a scarf-a-day, that second cup of coffee, buying your flight home to BC for Christmas if you're really on the ball and don't want to pay a fortune, and dance parties (didn't you know?)

Happy Monday!

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