a trip to the island [and the rest of it].

The rest of the trip. Thank you for indulging me in a million posts dedicated to two weeks and stretching out the news of a trip back home for over a month now. It is good to relish in the lovely times we've had.

We headed to the island on my last weekend home to celebrate some of my dearest friends, Garrett and Danielle Pettie. Danielle was in the same program as Becca in their first year of college and she lived with us during my senior year of high school along with our other dear friend Laura Sullivan. I think that was one of the greatest highlights of my life, a house FULL of girls; all of the laughing and cheering and sharing. She and Garrett got married in a very small ceremony, strictly only family, and had a big, beautiful bash to celebrate with the rest of us. They are both such beautiful, joyful, lovely people and one of those couples that you look at and you know they were just built for each other. They are a blast to be around and it was so special to get to celebrate them!

These pictures make me laugh to see them side by side because basically they're the same picture, just swapping out a parent. Why we didn't think to just have someone take our picture is beyond me. The ferry ride from the island to the mainland is stunning. It was perfect Vancouver weather and such a sweet time to share with my parents. Dad of course had his super zoom lens at the ready just in case we saw some whales. Alas, stretches of ocean and mountains and the outline of the city and Stanley Park had to do.

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