let's visit whistler.

Mike is my dad's baby brother. He and his amazing wife Lisa live in Halifax, go surfing almost daily, roast coffee, and have the sweetest two babies, Annika [Becca's flower girl!] and Arlo [brand new 4 month old!]. They are wise and wonderful, so when they invited Marc and I up to stay the night in Whistler with them, I jumped at the chance, even though it meant driving from Whistler to Seattle for the Mariners game and back to White Rock afterwards the  next day. [picture stolen from Aunt Deb!]


After a quick jaunt around the Village (and some time playing on the playground with Annika), we braved the 12 degree weather (donned in some fleecies we borrowed from my grandparents since it didn't occur to us to bring a huge amount of sweaters in July) and went on a giant walk. I wish I could call it a hike, but I'm all for honesty. Even overcast, Whistler is stunning.

We had a lot of hang out time in the evening, delicious dinner made by Lisa, some yummy wine, a little hide and seek, and toe painting. We all stayed up late talking; such sweet family time.

We got up pretty early to start all of our driving; we had yogurt [Annika ate a banana, shown above], some Matchstick coffee that Mike and Lisa had picked up from Annie and Spencer [Annie is my dad and Mike's cousin; her dad officiated Becca and Austin's wedding], and we hit the road. I think the drive down from Whistler is my favourite of all drives. It's just so beautiful the entire way.

Now I'm eating grapes for lunch and praying it doesn't rain for my patio bar shift. Yesterday was my first day back at work and it was a cool 9.5 hour shift in heels, and I'm feeling it today. When I was home I realized how tired I had been by how rested I was feeling, and now with sore feet and feeling a little woozy from probably being a bit dehydrated, I'm appreciating even more the time I had off to rest and recuperate.

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