celebrating and the like.

I didn't realize what a state I left my apartment in when I left; I guess it makes sense, the last day off I had before I left was on Tuesday and I left on a Saturday... needless to say I cleaned my house from top to bottom today, and now the fridge is stocked and there is wine in a glass beside me and a fast disappearing bar of dark chocolate. I thought I'd revel in my trip a little more and stretch it out in a few posts:

I forgot to include this sweet, sweet picture in my last post. It was taken by my aunt Mona (my dad's sister) from the crowd. It captures so much, how excited Becca was, and what a gentle, sweet dad we have, and I just love how proud he looks here!

The day after Becca's wedding, we celebrated my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary [woah]! It's not technically until August but they'll be in Paris [so romantic!] and the rest of us will be scattered all over the world. My aunts Mona and Deb did an amazing job throwing a picnic that was not in any way modest, with floral arrangements and fabric table cloths, a photographer to capture the day, and favorite family foods from when they were kids, at one of their favorite family places, Crescent Beach. Oh, and lemon cupcakes. No big deal.

Doesn't my grandma look glowing in this picture!? That's my cousin Annika on her lap (my dad's brother's daughter), who is glowy herself and just the cutest thing ever. (This picture and the last one I stole from Auntie Deb - give credit where credit is due).

We all walked the pier to watch my cousins Gray, Tyler and Tyrel jump off the railing. They would highly suggest their swim with jelly fish and "SERIOUSLY HUGE CRABS!" to anyone, I'm sure.

As someone from BC I can't escape my finicky hopes and preferences for the weather. I was a little disappointed by the 12 degree weather, if not to simply impress Marc with Vancouver's beauty, flawless when sunny and hot and clear and NOT humid. As I unpacked my suitcase today and put away my quite large wrap-around sweater that I almost didn't even bring because it takes up a lot of room in a suitcase, I was so glad I brought it; I think I wore it every single day I was gone except for maybe one; I also thought that putting on that sweater in this current sticky, humid, heavy weather is the LAST thing I want to do. When I'm in BC I resent the rain; when the weather is humid and unbearable here in Toronto, I pray for it. If only we could have it all. 

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