time for a wedding.

What a crazy couple of weeks this has been! I have felt blissfully busy with only things that are brimming with the dearest of friends and family, good food, great conversation, and beautiful BC scenery (albeit COLD weather!). I'm currently killing time waiting to board the ferry from Nanaimo to Schwartz Bay, my back to the giant fudge factory behind me so as not to cave and eat MORE dessert. We were at my dear friends, Danielle and Garrett's, wedding reception on the island last night and I ate my weight in sugar at the dessert table... oiff.

The rehearsal for the ceremony was last thursday (the 19th). It took a while to get spacing and flow to exactly how to walk and when.... All in all it went smoothly, even without a few key people there [for instance, my mom is standing beside me because Danielle, one of the bridesmaids, couldn't be at the rehearsal].

We all thought this picture was pretty hilarious; this is Paul, my best friends' brother-in-law [he did our makeup on the wedding day!] We were catching up as I was holding my brand new 3-month-old cousin Arlo (as seen above) and my dad was running around with his camera, so we posed for a picture. As soon as it was snapped I realized that we were going to look like a picture-perfect little family. Don't we make a cute clan?!

This is mom and I on our way to the wedding [Becca was squeezed into the front seat with her dress swallowing her whole]. It was a special drive on the way to the church; our last time as a four-piece family. The whole morning went really smooth and had a real relaxed feeling to it, and on the car ride over we just listened to Norah Jones and chit chatted about the afternoon ahead. Becca was beaming. It was just all perfect.

Isn't she lovely?! You can see pictures from her wedding on Jamie's site [who is a dear friend of mine and of my family, and did an AMAZING, WONDERFUL job on Becca's wedding photos! Yay Jamie! xo].

I was a blubbering. mess. at the ceremony. Seriously, guys, sobbing. Like, I had to have a serious chat with myself. It was that kind of crying where you are no longer in control and also kind of whimpering. What?! It was just so emotional! I suggested we say a little prayer before heading out to the ceremony, and thought I was okay, and just said, "God..." and BURST into tears. And continued to cry, and cry... and then all of a sudden the music started and I walked into the church and saw all of our closest friends and family and there is this magical buzz in the congregation [tearing up again at this point], and then I got on stage and the music changed and I knew my sister and my dad were up next and I just. lost. it. Thankfully I calmed down after they got down the aisle, but it was pretty intense and sort of embarrassing, except not because that's what you're supposed to do at your sister's wedding.. right?

The reception was perfect and very "Becca and Austin", right down to the colors and the games and tiniest of details. I cried again during my speech [big surprise], but other than that was quite joyous. It was a pretty quick event, we pulled into the driveway after clean up and crossing from Fort Langley to White Rock at 11:45. It was an amazing day.

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