new home.

It was a rude awakening to have my phone ring at 8am this morning after finishing work at 2:45 last night. The bad news was I had to wake up. The good news was the grumpy internet man came to give me a new modem! He was not very impressed that I didn't have a PC; "So... there are really NO PC's at ALL in this apartment?" he kept saying, and, when I'd ask a question about the mechanics of it all, he'd give me this brief answer with a sigh and say, "we'll just leave it at that." Also, when he said "web password" he meant some other password, not the password I was using to get onto the web. I was just impressed that I knew where the cable plug was already. All that's left to do in the new abode is get a few stools for my little kitchen table, a shoe rack would be nice, maybe some pigeon repellant for my window sill (they make REALLY weird noises and when it's nighttime and you can't see outside it sounds like they're sitting on the floor next to my bed! eep!), and to ship a few giant boxes off to my friend that are still sitting in the middle of the room and then I'll be completely moved in. I do have pictures on the wall and groceries in the fridge so that's got to earn a lot of domestic points, right?

I've been obsessed with house tours since I was little and I've always collected magazine cutouts of layouts and tile and couches so it's only natural that I'd want to give a mini house tour of my tiny, tiny apartment. It's so funny because it's SO small but it feels really charming, and even though it's a huge step down in size, I feel more like a grown up having it all be mine.

This is the "living room" portion of the bachelor. My couch has storage underneath that used to just house one extra blanket for when people crash but now it's serving as winter storage for my parka and snowboarding gear as well! Downsizing = forced resourcefulness. And aren't those tulips great? There are a lot of fruit and flower shops near my house that had three bushels for $10. I couldn't resist!

I've had a few of these picture frames for a while but after I went exploring nearby Roncesvalles Avenue (which kind of reminds me in a way of Fort Langley with its cute store fronts and bakeries and West Van with its limitless supply of doggie daycares, pet grooming and animal accessory shops) and found some cute greeting cards with typewriters, I decided to start a larger photo wall. Most of these are cards mounted on brown tissue paper, a few are magazine clippings and the orange one is adorable Anthropologie gift wrap. [Obviously they're crooked and I just can't seem to perfect the art of proper frame-clustering. When I was trying to figure out how to hang this I immediately wished my friend Jamie were here to help me out. Her room is obviously pristine and quite the contrast to my haphazard job!]

I had to get rid of a bit of furniture and went from two bookshelves to one, so I have more boxes on this shelf now that are actually moonlighting as drawers for extra soap and paperwork and lightbulbs etc. This thing is rickety from being taken apart for my move last year so I'm really surprised it made it all the way here! The chair, not to my surprise at all, always has something on it, from my purse to pillows to shopping bags to discarded clothing. And yes, that's an acorn jar.

I love that I have a giant window by my bed and that it faces the sun in the morning. My initial reaction when I wake up is always, "maybe my clock is wrong. I think I'm sick and need to sleep all day. Maybe I won't get out of bed [the first ten minutes of my day are always over dramatic and tough to get through]," so dark curtains aren't really a good idea for me, even with my late nights and sleeping through most of the morning. My bed is also my desk so it's nice to have my "office" so sunny!

How does one take a proper picture of a bathroom? Obviously everything is mini- mini sink, mini toilet (not quite kindergarten stature though), mini tub... but I have my owl to chill with when I'm brushing my teeth. A Jess Janz house wouldn't be complete without some woodland creatures scattered about. I got that little guy from Chapters after avoiding him for about six visits. I knew I'd cave eventually.

And this is my tiny breakfast nook. I had to get rid of my kitchen chairs and need something smaller, perhaps some stools, that can also double as a foot up to reach the incredibly tall, though shallow, kitchen cabinets that I have. And aren't those cream and sugar holders adorable? Lindsay gave them to me for my birthday last year (again a perfect Anthropologie buy).

Here's a close-up, along with a favorite book (also part of my b-day present from Linds), by one of my favourite authors/artists, Sabrina Ward Harrison:

My most favourite thing in my house though, has to be the salt and pepper shakers that Becca made for me when I first moved to Toronto. They've been with me since the very beginning, through it all! I think she made them as a joke, being like, "you should probably have some really hideous home decor if you're a poor artist moving to the big city" but I thought they were adorable. She responded with, "Sometimes I just can't figure you out."

I hope you liked the tour! Come visit! I can't promise food but I can promise wine.

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