a visit from the coast.

Since now I find myself living a country apart from where I grew up, I rejoice in the small visits I get with anyone who lives in the vicinity of my hometown; friends who come from Langley or friends of friends, or friends of relatives of friends are always welcome for a home cooked meal (or, better, a restaurant cooked meal at a trendy Toronto hot-spot so they don't have to eat my cooking), or a couch to crash on. How much more I celebrate when it's my own mom, Kathleen. She was in Ontario for work and swung by Toronto to stay a few extra days with me.

I am blessed with a great relationship with my mother. She has always been my greatest ally and most enthusiastic cheerleader. She is strong and wise and outrageously hilarious. It was so nice to download and catch up, and there is lots to catch up on! I'm moving and talking about school and life plans, my parents just moved into an apartment ( ! ) in Port Moody and we needed to catch up in detail about floor plans and decorating, my parents' jobs, and of course my sister's wedding plans. It's not like we haven't already discussed these things in great detail but there is such a sweet luxury in sharing a bottle of wine and having your dear confidant sit across from you as long as you can keep your eyes open.

Thursday was spent at the spa. It was so fun to get to treat mum to that because, an aesthetician herself, she's usually the one pampering others, including myself, and for once I'm not just making minimum wage and squeaking by on rent. There is also something really satisfying in hosting your parent once you have a place of your own, to say, "here are my dishes and they have their own place, and yes I bought a couch and here I even have wash cloths and a few groceries."

We spent a lot of time walking around the city with that great kick of sunny weather (where did it go?), eating lots and doing a lot of window shopping. Mom fell in love with cute Queen East's Lady Marmalade on her last visit to Toronto so we trucked back over there again this time (it's funny how east of Yonge can feel like a world away, we're spoiled over here in our tiny Queen West world), and got a peak at the Yorkville neighbourhood just so mom could see that not all of Toronto is greasy-spoon-dive-bar-hipster-town.

All that to say I had such a sweet, fun, encouraging week with my mom and I feel very rich and lucky to have the family I do.

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