In order to become more rich instantly, simply find the riches you already have. To have more adventure, make everything an adventure.

On Monday we didn't have to work, we four. We went to the tennis courts with dirty hair and hoodies and the sun with the wind that affected the speed of the ball and played until our forearms hurt, and that muscle right beside our elbows. I am not good at tennis. Oh to cherish my lack of skills and the laughs it brought. The ballet prancing and double bounces and missing the ball if it got too close to me. We piled into the car and reversed all the way down Delaware Avenue because it is a one way and we were at the losing end of it. We got gelato; I never know if I should get the fruit kinds to mix together or the chocolatey kinds, and I am thankful that both are fabulous though it makes deciding more difficult.

The last two days had a trip to the gym and riding my bike even though it's cold and trips at midnight to the grocery store, yummy strawberries and fruit and a box of oatmeal and mint ice cream. I didn't clean my house but I sorted through stacks of paper and receipts and taxes, which makes everything feel more tidy and makes me feel like I'm getting somewhere, but aren't we all getting somewhere, fast and slow and big and small but always moving. I bought flowers for four dollars and they are like a pretty smile in the midst of the grouchy work that has to be done that involves elbow grease and crunching numbers. And the blossoms are starting to peek through, little glimpses that remind me of the millions of cherry blossoms of BC, it reminds me of my other home.

These are the days where we have everything, darling, even though we have nothing at all.

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