another year, etc.

I'm just having a bit of a laugh at myself because I just finished putting on red lipstick and immediately went to the fridge to grab an apple. Probably should've waited about seven minutes for that application. I look like this when I eat an apple:

So it was my birthday on Sunday and I wish I had grand reports of a very exciting and event-filled day, but instead I was actually severely down for the count with the flu! I have to say that's a first for birthday festivities and I felt pretty crummy but what can you do? We're planning on going to a Raptor's game next Wednesday and going out for a few birthday bevies afterwards so that will be my birthday re-do.

Speaking of birthdays, just in time for mine, my beautiful hand-made guitar I've had in the works for just about two years finally arrived last week! It was made by the very talented Rod True, who is also a very good family friend. I remember when I was about two or three and Rod would come over with his guitar and I'd corner him and make him sing to me. Pretty cool that we've known each other that long and now he's built this amazing guitar for me.

There was, however a bit of a glitch and my guitar was delivered with a pretty large crack on the back; it got damaged during shipping. It was a bit of a heartbreak to flip over the guitar and see this:

I hadn't seen the crack until I looked back at that picture on the left, and immediately after realizing it I burst into tears [naturally]. We're in the midst of submitting an insurance claim and hopefully it can all be sorted out no problem soon enough.

This springtime that has come early has been so great. I even biked TO work yesterday, but chickened out and left my bike there overnight (still a little too cold at night).  Days off lately have revolved around Fitness Club Fiasco concerts, which is always a blast [I'm actually going to run out promptly after posting this to meet up with the boys for our show in Guelph tonight], and hopefully will be full of more "Jess Janz" shows. I've been feeling shaky and inconsistent, hesitant, in my songwriting and performing, always questioning if I should be doing this, but I do love it, and I think it's important to do the things you love.

Band practice donuts!

Another recent development to Marc's house is a portable ping pong net, which resulted in a very intense, very long "House Ping Party Pong" tournament. For twenty bucks you can pick up two paddles, a few balls and a net that clips on to any surface [some favorites have been the dining room table - the official table of the tournament], the coffee table, and  portable TV trays for a real challenge.

Our ping pong uniforms - you can't tell but obviously I'm wearing knee socks too.

So despite barfing and a broken guitar, things are looking up, and I am very thrilled for this upcoming year. I am always so thankful and humbled by all of the grace we have to learn and try again. I am always blown away by the goodness and the promise and hope that I see around me. I am willing and ready for more and more discovery and adventure.

And thank you to all those who are in my little city of people, carrying me and encouraging me and helping me to show up and shine. xo

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