sister, sister.

If there is one topic my sister and I have discussed the most, it's weddings. If there is one thing we have played the most, it was house. Our Barbies had more boyfriends, engagements, weddings, than clothes. Our dolls were our daughters. Our late night talks were about summer weddings on the beach, snowy get-aways, cozy in a cabin, destination, lilies or roses, veil or no veil, strapless, sleeves, lace, beads.

And of course, the groom - charming, kind to all, must like pets and long family dinners with conversations that are difficult to follow, quote the same five movies and being handy would be a great addition to the Janz clan.

And then. Last Tuesday. All of a sudden, those far off versions of ourselves walking down a beach or a church aisle or mountaintop has become a reality. 23-some years of planning, and here it is. Austin and Becca are engaged. And it's a little crazy, all at once, here we are, the one dress to be bought, the one venue to book, the two "I do's" and they'll be off living the rest of their lives together. It's time to do this.

My sister. She knows the things that make her happy and she delights to the deepest part of her being; she, more than any other, believes in enchantment and the magic of it all; she is radiant and she glows, she has a sparkle; she is bright and kind and a much nicer person than I am. She defends the underdog. She proclaims what she knows as truth and holds steadfast in her faith.

She has been my companion, my playmate, my friend; she has seen me at my very worst, been the brunt of my very worst at times; we have known every stage and every phase of each other; we have fought and struggled and battled through.

Of anyone that I could stand up for, there is no one else I could cheer on more.

This is right before our first ballet recital. Our aunt Mimi bought us ballet slipper shaped piggy banks. Side note, what is going on with my hair in this picture? It looks like pure peach fuzz.

During a trip on my grandpa's yacht up the BC coast.

Celebrating at a graduation dinner for Becca.

My senior year of high school and Becca's first year of college; I think we had found a disposable camera in a drawer and I wanted to send "cute" snow pictures to a boy I was writing letters to.

Becca and I worked at Camp Firwood in Bellingham, WA, together in the summer of 2007. Firwood is where our parents met and we attended as kids!

Over-sunned in Peter Island!

Disney World in 2009. We celebrated the new year there, but left the park four hours before midnight because there were so many people there!

Not the best quality photo, but this was at the airport right before I got on a plane to Europe. I have never been so terrified as when I was saying goodbye to my family here.

At Grandma and Papa's house, Christmas 2011.

The happy couple. Aren't they cute?!

And, for fun, my parents on their wedding day in 1986 - this is one of my favorite pictures of them. What babes! They were about the same age in this picture as Becca and Austin are now.

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