no small thing.

It is no small thing, to make it through a year. To look back and see how many stone-throws you've traveled; to look inside and feel the greater capacities inside you to carry joy, carry pain, carry loss, carry gain; to all of a sudden be on another shore after what felt like decades in the middle of the ocean; to gather all of the people that have made an entrance; to light a candle for those who have left you; to weigh the prayers and groans, to measure them against the grace and peace you have experienced; to turn a corner and look at how high on the mountain you are, how far down the jump coming next will be.

In all the wanderings and in all of the doubt and questioning, in all of my fear and all of my failure, in all of the lists and dreams and obligations, in all of the mystery and in all that is revealed to us, slowly, in time, in all of this I am sure that we are alive and among the living. I am sure that all of the stories and struggles are crossing and building on each other, we are getting knit closer  and closer together. And may we always strive to keep the company that carries us to be greater and more and more ourselves, may we all find greater and deeper courage to step with more intention, to keep our chins up and look for the opportunity to participate in the greatness of it all.

Happiest of days are ahead for us all.

Posted on December 31, 2011 and filed under writing-.