one year; & this day.

The best things in today consist of the simplicity of it all and the lack of activity. I'm sitting at the lake house staring out at the grey water, Dad and I both sitting on our computers, both drinking from the same cup of coffee-with-homemade-baileys, both in our Christmas lounge garb (because when else will I realistically wear red flannel PJ bottoms the rest of the year?). I love that at any moment we could walk four steps and start a fire in the wood burning stove. Eight steps and there are mandarin oranges, leftovers, morsels of chocolates and candy. The biggest decision is when to nap and when to shower or should we maybe go for a walk? The biggest events of the day are that I have to spend my mall gift certificate (shame!) and at some point there is a movie to watch after dinner. The slow after the busy has reached us here in Alger, Washington, folks. In the past few days especially, I have felt the contrast between this year and last. I spent a lot of my year wrestling and fighting [inside. internally.]. When there is chaos or struggle in the homestead it's hard to think about what else is going on and where else you could be, what else you could be doing. I find myself getting discouraged, feeling like I didn't "do much" this past year, when really, there are things in our lives that we accomplish or get through, come out of, surpass, outgrow, grow into, that aren't able to be measured. May we all cut ourselves a break.

I've found myself really reflecting on the Peace that we are reminded of in this season. To find peace and feel peace is no small thing. I find myself being, more than anything else, incredibly thankful at the end of this year. I am thankful mostly for the city of people that are in my life and have encouraged me and challenged me this year, who I spend my everydays with, and the people I get to catch up when I visit home on the coast like I am right now. It takes a city, it has taken a city, and I am so rich for the city of people I have surrounding me. I am thankful for Grace. I am thankful for second chances and the way moments and experiences are always being redeemed for us.

Looking forward into this next year I think it holds a lot of change, new endeavours, unexplored frontiers, some structure (eep!), and the intention to dip my toes into more liberties, and seeking more adventure.

Blessings to all of you in this season, may you take some time to reflect on your year and the things that you're thankful for, and what lies ahead for you in the seasons ahead! Be glad and have peace of heart.


Be light.


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