crescent beach.

My time on the west coast has been a whirlwind so far. After an hour or two of sleep, my alarm went off at 4:15 am so I could get to the airport for my 7am flight to Vancouver. I slept a bit on the plane but was a little deterred by my seat neighbour who persisted to nurse (or make worse) a large gash on his leg, among other poor-plane-etiquette actions. Dad picked me up (thanks, Dad!) and drove me to one of my bests, Danielle's house. Danielle made breakfast for me and her new husband, Garrett. It was the first time I've seen them since their wedding, and it was so great to catch up! By the time I got home I crashed pretty hard, but went for dinner with Mom and Dad. Then we watched an episode of Virgin Diaries... okay so... There aren't really any words. I've never felt so uncomfortable and so full of anxiety, short of when I see an episode of those hoarder shows, I get pretty worked up about those too. You should watch just one episode of this show, because it's brutal. And horrifying. And strangely mildly awesome. But only for forty minutes and then never put yourself through that again.

Yesterday I had another jam packed day. I met up early in the morning with my dear high school friend Jamie, who is an amazing, talented, successful photographer. Everybody should call her and have her take eight million pictures of them. Plus she's super sweet and lovely and everyone will be amazed by her ease and grace. We caught up over a lot of coffee, and took some really fun pictures. I felt like I was due for a few new promo pictures as the ones I've been using are from about three years ago. It's really encouraging that there are people in BC who I can still spend hours with and feel like I get to be a part of their life even though my life mostly takes place across the country.

The afternoon was a too-short coffee date with Daph, followed by a rushed trip down to Bellingham to hang with our family best friends the Atkins (my friend Lynsey that I visited in Chicago in September!). We've been having  a Janz/Atkins Chrsitmas party for twenty years, and our reunion this year was the first in a long time when eeeevvverrryyybodyyy was home. It was loud, it was long, and it was perfect. I slept over like old times, and it still wasn't long enough!

Tonight we go to Grandma and Papa's house for turkey dinner. Mimi's already here at the lake house, Becca and Austin are doing crafts, dad's watching football and on his stationary bike (his loud wheels are my soundtrack right now), and mom just handed me a piping hot bowl of clam chowder. I love this holiday!

Here are a few pictures from my time with Jamie yesterday. Thanks girl, love you!













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