reminders for the day.

As I've said, I'm re-learning, re-vamping, the way I talk to myself. I'm not good at it, not very often. But I am practicing. Today I had self-forced bed rest and mugs and mugs of Neocitron trying to get my voice back [long days at the office this week, the office being 10 ish degree weather on a patio with on and off rain in a cocktail dress for about 11 hours a day seem to cause loss of voice and slight sniffles]. Since I only have about three dvd's to my name and one of them, Love Actually, is MISSING from its case (true heart ache), it was only a matter of time before I ran out of mind-numbing chick flicks and chicken soup and resorted to a little soul searching. I took on a project probably bigger than a sick day should have energy for, but I sat down and wrote a letter to myself today, a "letter of Kindness and Forgiveness". It was pretty painful and gushy and I will never let any of you read it ever. So get over it. But go write one for yourself, to yourself [or write one to me because I like it when people write nice things to me.. but mostly write one to yourself and maybe to your best friend or two].

And I came up with some reminders. Some gentle, kind words to tell myself when I go to sleep or put on makeup or get a little nervous or get out of bed, to settle my soul and give me the gusto to get out of bed and kick some serious, glorious, radiant, confident ass every day.

Some words for you to read, borrow or adopt:

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