a day at the opera.

Let me tell you, there are few things that will make you feel more ritzy than dressing up and going to the opera. I've been serving the cast of the current show Iphigenia in Tauris for the last couple of weeks at work. They are a great group and have been a blast to pass the time at work with, and they were kind enough to leave me some tickets for the Sunday matinee when they heard my mom was coming to town; alas, she changed her flight due to the pending Air Canada strike (close call), thus postponing her Toronto trip by a week. Heather was my replacement date, my dear friend and always a great plus one!

Heather and I got gussied up (serious styles, heels and everything), went for a glorious brunch at Queen Mother, where literally every plate that passed us looked unbelievably tempting, had a few mimosas and eggs benny, and strolled on over to the Four Seasons Centre. We immediately thought equal-parts "we are out of our comfort zone" and "this. is. awesome," grabbed a glass of wine, listened to the debrief of the story we were about to hear, and headed to our seats - five rows from the orchestra.

The show (and here I am really self-conscious and feeling like I'm using all the wrong terms for this stuff.. so out of my league on all of this!) was stunning. And really cool, somehow - very simple, the only props being chalk which they used to write on the black, very graphic, set, sponges of water, and a sword. I naively was expecting viking helmets and intricate costumes, and was met instead by straight lined black costumes and a stage devoid of any props, leaving the voices to carry the story. Let's just say they didn't need any help. It was one of the coolest things I've ever seen!

And on Monday I had dinner with Katie and Katie. Two of my absolute faves. I laughed hysterically. I'm so blessed to have such sweet friends, let alone ones who can COOK. Mmm-mmm.

These times are the best times.

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