sidewalks of chicago.

My flights during this trip have officially changed four times... moved twice from my original flight to leave for Chicago because I'm flying standby and the flights were full, once when I moved my original return flight to this morning, and then cancelled this morning at moved to seven pm... wowy zowy. So here I am, back downtown, wrapped in one of quite a few brand-spanking-new sweaters, typing away, calling work to tell them I'm not coming in, writing friends to tell them I'm not going out... This weekend [and overlapping quite significantly into this week] has been exactly everything I hoped it would be and more... days spent quietly wandering the winding roads of downtown Chicago, bundling in pants and sweaters after a long hot summer, cider in hand, window shopping, impulse buys, vintage purchases, Top Shop purchases, long dinner dates with my best friend, lots of bottles of wine consumed, slipping in and out of serious conversations, slipping in and out of laughing hysterically, slipping in and out of stories from the last six months, ten months, three years.

Lynsey and I have known each other for twenty years, she and her sister are my oldest dearest friends. This girl knows everything about me, exactly how I'm wired. The last time we saw each other was last Christmas, for about an hour (which actually turned into two hours because our time together was intercepted by fate and she got hot sauce in her eye, barring her from returning to work, allowing her to leave early and spend a few more minutes with me before I returned to family Christmas festivities). It wasn't enough time. We were quick to realize two things this weekend: no matter how much time passes between our visits together, we pick up right where we left off, catching up on all the hair styles since we've seen each other last, the boyfriends, the good/bad dates, the break-ups, the blow-offs, the travels, discoveries, disappointments, the triumphs. We were also quick to realize how enriching our time together is, how healing and encouraging to catch up with the precious people in your life, and how important it is that we prioritize making sure we see each other. We are now in the works for starting an annual tradition of taking extended time to see each other, preferably in Venice or Costa Rica or Thailand.

And now, our week[end] in pictures. I don't know how to upload from my phone to my computer without first littering it all over my twitter account (so for those of you who "follow" me, sorry for the junk mail, sans subtitles as it is now shown here, so neat and explained), so maybe if someone knows how to save me a step, they can fill me in.

Cheers to dear and cherished ones, may we all call up the ones we love and let them know just how much richer we are for having them in our lives.

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