the weekend.

I am leaving for the weekend. I am going to Chicago. I am visiting one of my dearest, longest-known friends. Lynsey and I have known each other since the diaper era of our lives. We were together for Sippy Cup Era, Popsicle Stick Christmas Ornament Era, Paper Doll Era, American Girl Doll Era, Backstreet Boy Era (also overlapping with Nsync Era, involving a lot of lip-syncing and battling over who "got" Brian.. Lyns always picked Nick so we didn't have a battle on our hands there), Get Dressed Up To Go To The Mall And Take a Bunch of Photo Booth Pictures Era, Stay Up until Four in the Backyard in a Tent Era, Have You Ever Worn Mascara Era, Sshhhh I Kissed a Boy Era, I Have a Part-Time Job Era, Essay Writing to Convince our Parents We're Mature Enough to Get Our Nose Pierced Era, Thank God I Actually Finished Highschool Era, I think I Want to Take On the World Era (currently in progressed phases of this one), I'm Moving Away Era, I'm going to Europe Era, and finally, I'm Going East - Me Too Era. Lynsey moved to Chicago from Seattle a year and a bit after I moved to Toronto, so we're still incredibly far away though a cheaper flight closer to each other. We get glimpses of each other at Christmas if we're lucky, but when you have history like we have history, it's important to make room and make the time to get together. It's important to make room and make time for the ones that make you feel alive.

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