home and other things.

I moved in to a new house almost two weeks ago. In it marks so many funny landmarks for me, fresh walls, fresh canvas, bright windows, new beginnings. There is something about having a peaceful environment to come home to that is helping me rest, bringing more stability to this girl that is bad at finding any. I’m learning about FILLING right now. And we all fill our time to the brink, often sacrificing sleep, often flurrying from one commitment to the other. With a book, sleeping in, running (not likely), staring at the ceiling, worrying, laughing, studying, eating, thinking about eating, remembering what we were eating, eating again… It’s often that I finish days and days of long days at work in a row and I wonder how I filled my time… I’m on a small mission to fill my time with more pause, more passion, more intention, and less habit.

And now, a few pictures from our little home:

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