to do.

There is so much that I don't know [what the moon is made of, who to vote for, if I have it in me to stay, if I have it in me to go]. There are so many reasons to stay in bed for five more minutes [I am not alive. I am not awake. That is not the real time. This is not an alarm going off. My body is broken. Coffee is too far away - up the stairs]. There are so many things I wish I wasn't [procrastinator. Bad at math. Obnoxious when I'm nervous]. There are so many things I count in days [days until I go home, days until I go back, days until september. Days that are important - what were they]. There are so many songs to write [what were those words again]. There are so many choices to be made [what's for dinner, Jess? Where will we move and will I call back and how will I make it feel better]. Roads are long and winding and all I know how to do is Feel, the heavy emotion of Questions, and wondering. Always wondering if it ends with that.

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