yes [housden].

"The gift, the second line quoted above tells us, arrives from the sea. The sea is the unconscious, the deep waters of our own life and being, where the light of our rational mind does not dare to venture. Poseidon, the god who gave Pasiphae her unexpected gift, ruled the sea. Anything that surges out of the unconscious will always b beigger than the ego's drive to shape experience the way it wants to see it. The price of new life, of  a sudden influx of possibility from a direction never contemplated, is always surrender.And surrender means not only relinquishing resistance as we are hit by the wave, but also having no agenda for the way it will all turn out. Otherwise, we would be bargaining, and surrender is never a bargain you would want to make...  

...The gift that erupts from the depths will be one you never bargained for. It will very likely seem more of a curse than anything else, especially to the one - the ego - who likes to be sure of what you are doing and where you are going. Had you known that this was what your life was going to give you, you might have run the other way a long time ago. Nevertheless, impossibly, it will come bearing a gift within the tribulation that may well shape your like from that moment on... the year following that dinner, I have come to learn how to love someone without holding them;to acknowledge (both to her and to myself) the deepest Yes! I had ever felt for anyone, and yet to accept at the same time that our love was of the soul and spirit, not to be actualized in everyday reality. And, yes, you may be right, her unavailability may be the reason I could say that yes so readily. Personally, however, and as you may imagine, I do not warm to that conclusion. What stormed into my living room doesn't feel conditional in that way. The yes was, and remains, to who she is in her totality, including the contingencies of her everyday life."


-Roger Housden, from his essay on Jane Hirshfield's "Each Moment a White Bull Steps Shining into the World"



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