the shape of people.

One thing you might notice, if brought to your attention, is the shape of people. Just as our bodies each look and feel different, so do the houses of our hearts. What you might not know is that some of us are pegs while others are holes, some are envelopes and some are letters. Some are plugs and others sockets. Simon is a lock and that woman over there is a key. And like a pair of shoes, each goes along with others. This is not to argue that we are incomplete, and thus completed, by another – for a fork is still a fork without a spoon, a brush is still a brush without paint, but isn't there a significant increase of capacity and possibility when colours meet a brush and in doing so begin to create? After realizing that you have a soul shape, the relationships in your life will make more sense. Sarah, for example, is a bird, and she'd be quick to find that her beloved is a nest, and he comes from a family of branches and leaves. His mother comes from rich, deep soil, and his sisters are all connected to fields and crops and plants.

With more inspection, you will see that in a pair may be Opposites or Twins; one who is a rollercoaster will find himself commonly surrounded with cliffs to jump off, blank maps, and vagabond shoes, and he will also need those around him that are tracks and ropes and walls. Opposites and Twins show how we each have a city around us – an incredible diversity of souls.

Souls shaped like paper are easily matched as paper can be folded and trimmed, rolled into nooks and cylinders, cut into strips to make a chain; it is a landing place for ink wells and crayons; it is the delicate adornment of living room walls. Paper is found in libraries and offices, in the books of poets and at the table being crinkled in the little hands of children. It is found paired with objects such as books or images as well as the most primary shapes – it can be a square, a cube, a triangle.

The most common shapes are glasses and jars – the Collectors. The convenience of being a Collector (or being paired with one) is that you don't have to fill every corner. If a glass is in love with someone whose soul is shaped like the finest sand, they could very well pair nicely. The sand could spill over the glass and perhaps be thankful to have leftovers pour over. Or if it is just a little handful of sand, the glass may be satisfied as the home of just that small amount. What a Collector can hold is very diverse. If one were to line up all of the Collectors in the world, one would see rows of jars filled with butterflies and bees, mud, soil, rocks, or sections of the alphabet. Our easygoing, compliant cousins and friends are typically bowls and buckets, equipped and ready to catch the souls of raindrops, hurricanes and electric-coloured paint.

Less common to pair are those souls shaped as links, puzzle pieces with grooves. With their intricate corners and complex designs, they tend to not be paired with Collectors or shelves, rather they usually wait for another who mirrors their entangled structure. While some consider it unfortunate to be shaped in such a way – a longer road to walk alone – if ever you come upon a matched Link, you will see two souls not only attached but cemented, not merely side-by-side but linked, latched, and locked together, in step and very much aware of the rarity the discovery of each other.

The function of two souls together should also be taken note of. If a soul has wings, it may find itself with some sort of landing place, or just as easily found with someone who can also fly. A shoe may be paired with a shoe of the opposite foot and be required to walk far distances, or paired with a lace and be bound up nice and tight. Some souls are batteries and fuel those who are made to move, come alive, or make noise. Some are made to move and some are moving to find a match that will allow them to set up camp once found.

Some pairings would seem to make logistical sense, but the best are not born of strategy or logic, but rather, of nature. Paper plastered to a wall will tell you she was always meant to hold and adorn, not to be a page in a book or a sign on the highway. A bird paired with a fish will say, "You, my love, are the fire, and I, the match."

He was a fresh water ocean and she, the salt of the sea. He could not be bottled or dammed, no cavern was deep enough to hold him and to pair him with a lake would simply flood the surrounding land. So he was left to move ships and boats, to hold all fish and creatures, to carry swimmers and surfers back safely to their lovers, to mingle with coral and seaweed, with his tide meeting the shore, but no shore could keep him. And she had never set foot in the water, and no jar or glass could stretch to hold her, as she was too flavorful for any kind of food. She wandered and hid herself in desert sand but was always sifted. She tried to disguise herself as a mountain but was blown to rubble. And then came the day when she found herself falling off of a cliff, into this mysterious water. They mingled and their union changed the color of the surf – he to find one who did not bind him and she to find one with whom she could shift and dance, move without ties and ropes, exist and not be chipped away or diluted: this is what was always to be.

And so we all walk and journey with our souls as offerings wherever we go, our Function and Grace very much assembled within us, from Eden and from the rivers we have risen and are invited to fulfill the purpose of our souls, however funny the shape may be.

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