q and a.

There are questions that need answers - questions of my next house address and questions of employment, questions of location. Questions that need answers about direction and next steps and where-is-this-all-taking-me. There are questions of function and this world spinning and existing around us, with us, without us. There are questions about the trees and the oceans and how it all came to be. There are the questions of art and creation and questions of Life being born around us, in the fields and in our homes and hearts. There are the questions we ask each other late into the night, that only come out after the bonds of trust have been strengthened by our potent drinks and hours of laughing about nothing, sitting on city patios and country porches. There are questions of self, questions of passion and pain and wonder, questions of identity and questions of character. There are the questions of whether you should and questions of why you did. There are questions that are easy and questions that take bravery to even think of uttering. There are questions that are answered in seconds and questions that hover around our shoulders and cloak our hearts, the kind of questions we may store up, take to the grave and march to heaven as a petition to God. And we walk around with these questions buzzing and budding around us, questions that start conversations and questions that stop us in our tracks, unable to move until we find some sort of solace in an answer. And sometimes I find myself asking so many questions that I feel buried in the ground, deep into the soil, mud caked on my hands and on my face, and just as I am buried I am stuck in the air, unable to land, unable to find earth and solidarity, any hope of certainty.

And the comfort that I have found with all of this is that, with every question that comes my way I am reminded that I am still breathing, I am still existing, I am still moving. With uncertainty comes the challenge of mystery and the glorious thing that is Living. May we never reach a place where we say, "My friends, I have asked enough of the world, I have come to the end of my questions and Wonder."

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