More than the number of breaths in a lifetime; more than the number forests, oceans and roads; more than songs and notes; more than cards can say; more than writers write, singers sing, electricians electrify, philosophers... shake their heads; more than all of the feelings in a day, written down, kept note-of; more than children can dream; more than all of the stairs in the whole world; more than cornerstones, pillars and dams can hold; more than the hairs on my head; more than the sand on the water's edge; more than all of the times I have changed my clothes [there they are on the floor]; more than the commas in life, all of the sighs, all of the blank stares out of quiet windows; more than I can speak and say; more than I can feel or show or prove or ever be certain of.... More than all of these things is how much I am sure.

Posted on March 25, 2010 and filed under writing-.