and what is the point.

If we are falling apart; if we are killing each other [killing ourselves]; if we do not easily recognize who we are; if we are compromising our Love [care. concern. appreciation. recognition.] for others; if we are lying, cheating, stealing; if we can no longer see past the step we just took; if our hearts no longer break at Injustice [if our souls no longer rejoice in grand choirs at the millions of victories each and every day/ hour/ minute]; if we can't feel the rain on our heads or the sun on our backs; if we cannot honestly say that we have gained even inches; if we are comfortable and cozy in our safe little hides of mediocrity; if we are leaving our baggage for someone else to deal with, to put away and unpack and unload; if we are using the misfortune of others to lift ourselves up; if we are breaking our backs for that which we do not believe in or stand for; if we have gained riches and kingdoms and crowns but have lost ourselves in the meantime; if we've packed all emotion and partiality away in some far away closet; if we are turning our eyes away so that we do not have to see; if we are taking from hands that aren't reaching [if we ourselves aren't reaching out]; if we are failing our children, our children's children, our sister's children; if we are doing the minimum, doing nothing at all; if we are being arrogant enough to say that we did any of this on our own; if we are wasting away in all of the meaninglessness that surrounds our city of sewage; if we aren't turning around to see what we are leaving behind; if we are settling with being unsatisfied with what we have done with our days; if we have but two coins and spend five; if we aren't remembering what we have been given, what we have received by the bucketfull; if we aren't calling frantically those who don't know and saying it with the final words of the day, "I love you, I love you, it is you I so deeply Love."; How are we tucking ourselves into our warm, toasty beds at night, kissing ourselves on the forehead, stating, "today has gone far enough," and drifting so peacefully to sleep?

Our work is not done- our dreams are being whored out to the god of Indifference.

Posted on March 13, 2010 and filed under writing-.