i've never been one for black and white.

Maybe the sun will come out tomorrow like it did today and if you ignored your breath and how your ears no longer had feeling it looked like July. Maybe things will change and maybe they won't and it will all stay the same and days will just start to feel longer than they do now I offer up a quick prayer that that's not true. Maybe I heard of that band before but I'm probably just agreeing because I haven't known the last four bands that you've mentioned. Maybe the end is near and maybe we're just beginning [it is never too late to be beginning]. Maybe we created Time but it's now its own beast and we can't stop it and we can't slow it down and we can't make it move faster and it always screws you over and doesn't do what you need it to. Maybe we are destined and doomed and fate is real and maybe we are like those balloons on your screensaver that just move a different direction when they crash into each other. Maybe you were right and he was wrong, or she was right and she was wrong. Maybe we're a little bit right and a little bit wrong all of the time and maybe we'll figure it out and maybe we'll die and not know the answers, maybe we'll never have the answers or get the answers. And maybe the story will end with the boy falling in Love with the girl or we will find that all the things that I think of in my sleep are just writing down the story ahead of time or maybe I'm just crazy. Maybe you see me when I walk by but I didn't see anyone when I was inside looking out because you can't see anything out of that window except how would I know because all I was thinking and seeing was you. Maybe we don't need anyone and maybe [probably] they're right when they tell us that happiness is real when it's shared. Maybe my days will end with you. And maybe I'm crazy and small and foolish and these are all just stories that would be better put to use in a novel than as the faith and hope for the day. But maybe I'm right about you.

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