a summary of current tuesdays.

[excerpt from January 17, 2008]
I feel restless, like winter. And I don't like that I consistently feel the need to wear socks. And I'm in this washing machine of feelings, although it is comforting to know I still can feel, excited, burdened, dying, patient, worrying, praying, bleeding, seeking, for the unknown, which only folds more vastness in front of me. I don't like that I could go anywhere and have no idea where to go, and I curse myself for being too scared to just jump into it.

And I'm remembering. I'm remembering what it felt like to have some one matter to me, and I felt myself matter to them, so much so that when I stopped mattering to them in that way, I felt it, mourned over it, stayed in the wake of it, maybe for too long. Recalling that I was in the right, maybe not in the middle, not in the end, but somewhere, I was transparent enough to be seen, and that was good. And I will do it again, I will feel it all over, but hopefully I'll worry less and surrender more.

I don't feel like an artist. I don't feel like a musician or a poet or a performer or a writer or a friend, which makes me feel like I'm not doing my job.

It's a fragile state, choosing to search for even a shadow of greatness, only feeling like I'm getting it wrong, and trying to shut out the possible conclusion that, hell, I might never get there.

And we are so fragile, And our cracking bones make noise, And we are just, Breakable, breakable, breakable girls and boys.

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