My birthday this year was spent with closest friends on a quiet Friday night in, a monstrous cheese board, the fanciest of champagnes, a tower of cronuts (pictured), and celebrating the triumphs and challenges of twenty-five, and declaring bold and beautiful adventures for twenty-six, namely just these things:

less worry, more surrender
less battling, more tenderness
less anxiety, more trust
less bottling, more spilling
less second-guessing, more trying
less solitude, more partnership
less apologizing, more intention
less hurrying, more presence.

Over and over I am bewildered by the obnoxious support of my beautiful circle of friends, who, specifically in the last few months have rallied and surrounded me and fed me and housed me and wrapped me up in their love and goodness and cheered me on in the hazy uncertainty and sometimes achey heaviness I can sink into. They make my world beautiful and worthwhile with their beautiful hearts.