I am an artist from Langley, British Columbia, with messy hair and a serious coffee appreciation, currently pursuing artistic endeavours in San Francisco. 

I started The Word Project here at Visit Jess Janz in October 2012 to help me get out of an ugly bout of writer's block, envisioning to write short (read: not daunting) daily blog entries for a month, and it hasn't stopped yet.

I played in the indie pop band Fitness Club Fiasco from 2011-2016. We've been told we sound like a sweet mix of Stars, The National, and The Killers, which is pretty nice company to keep! We were finalists in the 2014 CBC Searchlight competition, and our full length album was released in September 2015. You can stream it (and purchase it, WINK) here

I am trying to write beautiful songs and play them all the time for people, and that has been quite a journey that maybe one day I will tell you over a cup of tea.

I am left handed, I have a tendency to feel angst, and raise my voice while playing board games, I'm terrible at math and using most electronics (no I do not want to install the update) and I love going out for breakfast and being near the ocean.

This is my account of the beauty that is found when we stop and look for it.

[All banner photos are by my dear friend Stephanie Ironside from Iron & Bragg Photography].