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sweet (adj).

be1612947d9e8f8272bd4578bf981918You are, to me, every lovely thing: honey in my tea, a visit to any shoreline, soft sheets for winter's nights, a walk through the misty morning before the city gets out of bed, the smell of cedars and the mighty oak through the woods, passages of my favorite books being read aloud, the warm buzz of being pulled near.

happy birthday, word project.

a1ae82d34a7865f881589eb70b32a94cIn the busyness of September I completely missed the fact that I've been writing The Word Project for over a year! Here is the very first word, and here are some of my favorites: On Learning: revelationobserve,  brink, summary, stubborn, exploration, vow, resolution On My Favorite People: abyss, hereditaryally On Love and Muses: nearboundless, contagious, feel, radical, composition, sweeppotential, fused, initial, cozy On Travel: fragmented, pattern, antidote

This has been such a delight to create and has been the best outlet; I feel like by writing almost every day my writing has improved heaps, and I would suggest starting a daily project to anyone who has been dealing with writer's block, or wants to document the development in their skills . I'm thrilled to share it with you, and so, so, so appreciative of your comments, encouragements and feedback; it all makes me a better writer.

I'd love to hear if you have a favorite "word", and what you'd like to see more of in the year to come.


chromatic (adj).

c546a523b3254e609c6bc722738d41b7If we were all colors, I wonder which one I'd be. I'd hate to be opaque, with no chance of anything going through me, or any sort of inky blue (as nice as it looks on a wall), leaving smudgy marks on everyone, like the smudge on the outer side of my left hand when I write letters. I don't think I am anywhere close to Red; I am far too pensive and hesitant. I am closer to water, but not like rain; I am too soft for the ocean and too much a tempest to be a still lake. I'd like to be colorful enough to leave something, like a glimmer, but not fussy like a diamond. If someday I could be the color of a spark, which is embodied in the start of a little mischief, and also when standing on cliffs and hills and mountains; that switch in my stomach when you step on a plane, and the gleam of the sun on the bedroom wall to hint at the morning, and the way it burns just before peaking back over the horizon for the night; the flicker in your eye when you see something lovely; to be a spark would be enough for me.

lovely jewelry.

il_570xN.487175848_8laoil_570xN.487171884_kgcuil_570xN.487178834_gstmMy dear friends' jewelry line, live beautiful.has launched their Classics collection in their etsy shop this week. All of their jewelry is hand-made from ethical and eco-friendly materials. If you're looking to get a great gift for a leading lady in your life, I would highly suggest stopping by and picking something out. Jewelry by live beautiful.,  Danny Necklace in GoldWilla Stacking Rings, Large Audrey Studs. Photography by Beth And Ty In Love.

PS the Rough and Tumble photo shoot and the Bridal photo shoot.

warm (adj).

149392912610566278_my2PwgfU_cHere is a list of beautiful things: that you've spent the afternoon having the sweetest conversations about nothing, that you were bought a cone of ice cream, that you overheard the laughter of children, that you come to know that the troubles will sort themselves out, that the kettle is now boiled and ready, that you know that the one beside you is the one who you've wondered about for a long time, and now here they are to stay.

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