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fc5415b35fc142f0077385f9b44ca1afToday I am another year older. In the last year, I started university, learned a lot about Love (and also Not-Love), wrote quiet poetry, started drinking smoothies religiously and putting coconut oil in my hair, walked across a country, played a lot of shows, almost made it through Breaking Bad (seven more episodes!) and have kept a plant alive for five months and counting (new record). There is so little that I can project about even the nearest future; I feel as if I have shifted significantly in this last year, what I used to be drawn to I am now unimpressed with. My paradigms have shifted significantly. My scope has grown. There are four thousand new questions I didn't know existed that are daily pumping through my heart. I am dreaming about places I want to go and jobs I'd like to have, people I'd like to talk to and new hobbies I'd like to acquire (like surfing and maybe one day be an enjoyable scrabble opponent). All of this wavering and wandering, I am certain, is a perfect mid-twenties existential crisis. Let us all cheers the uncertainty with another piece of cake.

lovely cake toppers.

14867433a520dd88282f208b442d458f64f17377bcd5caf08c5e91e1e71fced6original_pomsAren't these cake toppers so cheery? They just feel so happy and celebratory. If there are two things I am not, I am not crafty or a baker, but if I was, I'd make lovely, ruffly cakes with cute toppers all day. Bunting Cake topper from London Like The City;  Blue Heart Cake from 1oo Layer Cake; Colorful Pom Poms from The Original Pop Up Shop.


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Happy April Fool's Day! Did you get through the day without getting pranked? This past month was busy and full of some fun things! Here's the round-up: photo-21

I did a photoshoot for livebeautiful. jewelry. Okay, maybe you're sick of hearing about it, but I had enough celebrity treatment in one day to make me feel like a professional model to last me a life time. Plus, my very own Audrey Earrings were waiting for me when I got back from Seattle and I've worn them every single day since, with no plans to take them off any time soon. I'm in love! photo-1

photo-2photo-9It was my birthday,  and one of my best ones yet. I always get a little bit of anxiety over my birthday. I feel like I have so many diverse circles of friends that I've picked up along the way and I can't really relax, worrying that nobody is having fun. Of course I'm sure that this is a stupid thing to worry about, we're all adults, but this birthday was just the way I like it: low key, relaxing, overly spoiled, filled with yummy food and a few different mini celebrations with dear people. The top picture is my "six years old" face, out for brunch with my girlfriend, Miss Karly Snow, in the middle that is my dear friend Katie, just after the most amazing dinner ever with a few great friends. The last picture is the lovely daffodil bunch that Katie brought over, that got neglected while I was away and unfortunately is not doing so hot. [You can just call me Jess Janz: Killer Of Plants]. I'm hoping that I can transplant the bulbs and revive them... Sorry, Katie! photo-5photophoto-4photo-3I went home to Seattle. The broader "Pacific North West" has become "home", as my mom grew up near Seattle and my parents are spending more and more time in Washington State; though I was born and raised in BC, I didn't even go to Canada the whole time I was home. I was home for unfortunate circumstances, but it was so good to be home. It was perfect weather, and nothing beats the coast with a clear blue sky and glistening water. There is nothing that is more rejuvenating and aligning than being home, near the water, and with my family. The weekend was full of incredible stories and sharing with extended family. Above are pictures from a hike with mom. Isn't she just the sweetest? photo-7photo-6photo-8I had Easter Dinner with the Lovatts. I just got back this afternoon from a visit to Stouffville to see the absolutely adorable Lovatt family. I've known Iain and Mary since I was about three. My sister and I were their flower girls in 1994, and they moved to Ontario quite a few years before me and were a huge reason I ended up moving out here. Their kids are smart and witty and incredibly polite, the food was great, and it is so lovely to be adopted for holidays by such wonderful people.

I booked a flight just today for my trip to Europe; off I go, April 18th. The next few weeks I'll be packing and re-packing, getting traveler's insurance, and working in my boots as best as I can before taking off on what is the craziest thing I'll ever do.